Friday, 22 July 2016

Hay for Sale.07814436960.  or 01952 259447   £3.50 bale. NOW £3.00 a bale

Hi, we've been busy this season. Just to let you know what is involved. We fertilise the grass to provide the extra nutrition that the grass requires, we roll it and chain harrow it to level the field removing any hoof prints from the winter. The grass is grazed and then left to grow.
When the weather is right and set for a dry spell. We cut the grass with a tractor driven mower.

Then we spread the grass out on the field using a Haybob, this helps the grass dry evenly.

The grass is turned 3 or 4 times or more depending on the thickness of the crop. Often this is once a day. And often takes 5 days but depends on how nice the weather is.
Once dry enough, the hay is then rowed up into rows so the baler can pick it up.

There are different types of balers that make different shapes and sizes of bales. Below you see the picture of our conventional square baler. These are ideal for the horse feed market, and they are small enough to handle manually, and easy to store in small amounts if a customer wants to purchase some.

The bales here are collected together by a sledge and grouped together, so you can either pick them up with a loader, or if necessary by hand.
The bales are then loaded on to a vehicle, and taken to the barn for storage, where the bales are stacked and stored.
The current price is £3.50 per bale. £3.00
Excellent Horse Hay bales.

Location The Farm, Long Lane ,North Telford, TF6 6HD
Sorry but you need to ring me so I can be there. 07814436960
We can deliver within Shropshire for a small fee.

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